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Suzhou's first "black intermediary" evil forces criminal group destroyed

More than 2,000 young job seekers were deceived by black mediators to kill pigs

Exploit the name of other companies, the network platform to publish false recruitment information, fictitious charges to deceive money, and use the default to threaten threats or violence when the victim asks for a refund. In just 4 months, the family named "Su Yue The "black intermediary" company has deceived more than 2,000 people who work in Suzhou. The case was the first batch of supervision cases for the leading group of the special campaign for the elimination of evil in the city of Suzhou. It was announced by the relevant departments of Suzhou City.

On November 23, 2018, the company's Yin Chun (a pseudonym) and other 19 people were found guilty of fraud, and the criminals who were guilty of crimes were sentenced to six years and five months to seven months. Some of the defendants refused to accept and filed an appeal. On January 11 this year, the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that the appeal was dismissed and the original judgment was upheld.

According to the information provided by the People's Procuratorate of Huqiu District of Suzhou, the books collected from Yin Mou can be seen that among the job seekers from all over the country, the proportion of those under 35 years old is as high as 93.6%, and that of those under 28 years old is 85.3%.

More than 2,000 job seekers were "killed"

After the Spring Festival of 2017, Suzhou once again ushered in the rework of the year after the year. More than 2,000 job seekers have traveled from all over the country to No. 298, Mayun Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone. What they did not expect is that they are waiting for them to be a well-organized "hunting" network.

"Go directly to the medical examination?" Xiao Zhou asked. He just passed the interview and was a little excited. The strong man on the side looked at him and said: Go straight to the station. Not waiting for Xiao Zhou to react, he has been pushed to the car by the two strong men around him.

Later, Xiao Zhou found that something was wrong. He wanted to return the medical expenses and deposit of 5,900 yuan, but the other party only promised to return 200 yuan. After some disputes, Xiao Zhou was slap in the face and was rushed off the station.

xx同一天来工作的陈雷(化名)甚至不幸。 “我来申请商业司机。中介要求我以体检费,餐卡费,服务费和加油卡费为理由支付4000多元。“



一个强壮的男人拿起他的手机,删除了电话,付款,导航等记录。车停在半山腰的偏僻地区。 “我们有你的个人信息。如果你想让你的家人出事,你会报警。”对方完成后,陈磊将下车。


有一段时间,警方继续对名叫苏悦的人力资源公司尖叫。该公司的法人是尹春。 2017年春节前,这家中介公司的业务“非常正常”。 “随着雇主的回归,公司一直处于亏损状态。”为了改善经营状况,尹春来到了公司。吴飞(化名)计划出路。



During the one-month unpaid salary test period, Wu Fei racked his brains to "turn over." He found that a plug-in software can continuously post job postings on the Internet, and then use the words "high salary, direct employment, food and accommodation" to lie to the job seekers in Tiannan Haibei.

According to Wu Fei’s confession, his performance in the month has grown by leaps and bounds. Yin Chun changed his mouth and called him “Manager Wu” and asked him to train the salesman. Wu Fei also unreservedly taught the “handcuffs” to the salesman: the plug-in software continued to post and the salary was attractive.

Soon, the company's scale is getting bigger and bigger. Wu Fei trained more than ten salesmen to release false recruitment information through 58 online shopping platforms such as the same city, market, and people.

“Business drivers, truck drivers, production supervisors, human resources supervisors, carpenters, painters, chefs.” The salesperson can arbitrarily create job information and salary, as long as they can attract people and even performance.

Yin Chun regularly trains salesmen and teaches them how to post, use words, fictitious charges, etc. All training is to improve the credibility of the information. Sometimes, Yin Chun will train separately for employees with poor performance.

“I compiled a message for recruiting drivers, with a monthly salary of 18,000, five insurances, one gold plus two weekends.” This job search information that even the salesman did not believe in, really attracted a lot of job seekers.

"(The job seeker) found that the work did not match the actual situation. We sometimes introduced them to the company to do general work. They were too low-paid and refused to go." The salesman Zeng was also a victim, and he later chose to join the black. Intermediary team.

Like Xu’s and Zeng’s experience, he eventually chose to join Su Yue. “Because I’m a big guy, the boss put me in the resettlement department and let me scare people who are refunding money”.







中介招聘骗局体现了公司化运作模式,犯罪持续时间和犯罪扩散的特点。检察机关共同揭露违法行为的数量,受害者人数,非法利润的数量以及人口市场秩序的破坏程度。邪恶犯罪集团的社会危害。 2018年11月23日,检察院决定改变犯罪集团的检察意见。初审法院采纳了检察院的意见。

此外,苏州市虎丘区人民检察院发现,与黑人有关的邪恶似乎延伸到网络空间,延伸到民生。为此,他们进行了研究,全面整理了近年来涉及招募诈骗案件的60人中的5起案件,并发现当地具有较高的招聘诈骗水平,并着重调查此案。 2018年12月初,向地方当局和相关网络平台管理员发布了检察建议。